Merchant Processing


We can assist you with any of your credit card processing needs. We partner with National Processing Company and Security Card Services to provide local support with a 24-hour Helpdesk. Please contact Sara, our Cash Management Specialist, at 605.335.5126 if you have questions or would like to start processing today!


With competitive pricing and exceptional customer service, our program can:

  • Accept all major credit cards
  • Increase customer spending ability
  • Reduce the incidence of bad checks
  • Provide more flexible payment options
  • Offer customizable gift and loyalty card programs*
  • Allow check services including electronic check conversion

Processing Options

With many different methods to electronically process credit and debit card transactions, you choose the one that best suits your needs.


Mobile Processing Has Arrived!

Use almost any smartphone with an attached card reader to receive credit card payments on the go! 



Point of sale terminals can get you your credit card authorizations fast. Simply slide the card and enter the sale amount for an authorization within seconds. Funds are deposited into your First National Bank account within two business days of processing.   



You can utilize your own point-of-sale software to submit transactions for quick and easy payment integration. This system also provides various reports to assist with end-of-day balancing. Or if you have multiple users, you can utilize our easy online software. Want an online shopping cart added to your website? We can help with that, too! 


Gift Card and Loyalty Programs

Our gift and loyalty programs replace paper gift certificates with the look and feel of a major credit card. Each card is cashier-activated with a unique, electronically encoded account number stored on the magnetic strip. Visits can be tracked and the amount spent can be deducted each time the cardholder makes a purchase. We offer a turnkey gift card system similar to big retailers without having to give cash back to your customers. Any unused balance remains on the card for additional purchases.


Additional benefits:

  • Build customer loyalty
  • Increase store traffic
  • Eliminate costly backroom accounting
  • Standard reports provide transaction detail
  • System and reporting can be customized for your specific business needs
  • Eliminate fraud typical with paper gift certificate programs


*Not FDIC insured.