Business Online Banking

With Business Online Banking, you have the tools you need to make the most of your company’s finances.

This online banking capacity allows for:

  • View real-time balances*
  • Obtain current and previous statement information
  • Preview today’s transactions*
  • View the front and back of your posted checks
  • Transfer funds internally at no charge
  • Transfer by wire or through the Automated Clearing House (ACH) Network
  • Utilize direct deposit and direct payment capabilities
  • Manage your line of credit
  • Initiate and view stop payments and view your stop payment journal
  • Export account information to accounting software
  • Submit your business deposit electronically
  • View balances and approve transfers or files while out of the office with Mobile Banking
  • Reduce reconcilement time and prevent check fraud with Positive Pay
  • Protect account information and go green by enrolling for eStatements or CD-ROM statements

Our in-house professionals are available to answer your questions and will come out to your office and train your employees on how to use the online system.

Private and Secure
Through a combination of organizational and individual employee identification codes and passwords, only authorized individuals have access to company accounts. You have the ability to assign individual security permissions to each employee who requires access. Some employees may need to view all accounts and have access to all functions, while others may only need to view certain accounts and require limited functions. You can also control employee access to transfer funds and establish days and times when your employees can access Business Online Banking.


  • First National Bank account
  • High speed internet connection

Business Online Banking only works with certain hardware and software systems. Please note that hardware and/or software may become outdated and unable to support Business Online Banking, and you may be required to upgrade from time to time.

ACH Origination Services

We offer a variety of Automated Clearing House (ACH) services. These services reduce your handling and processing costs by electronically transferring funds. What's more, your vendors and clients also benefit.


  • Deposit payroll funds directly into employee's checking or savings account
  • Pay dividends, pension payments, and interest to stockholders and retirees
  • Send your ACH files to the bank using Business Online Banking
  • Create ACH files with your payroll software or by using our ACH Editor software

*May exclude some current-day over-the-counter transactions.