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Best If: You are trying to accumulate money and build balances. You want to maximize your high balance savings. You want to grow your current savings.
Interest Compounded: Monthly Monthly Quarterly
Interest Credited: Monthly Monthly Quarterly
Minimum Balance Requirement to Avoid a Service Charge: $300.001 n/a $5,000.00
Monthly Service Charge if Balance Falls Below Minimum: $3.00 There is no monthly service charge. There is no monthly service charge.
Transaction Limitations: Transaction Limitations2 Transaction Limitations2 Transaction Limitations2
1. This charge is waived for customers under 26 years of age.
2. You may make unlimited deposits into your account each month. An unlimited number of withdrawals by automated teller machine (ATM), mail, or teller withdrawals can be made from your savings account. However, federal regulations limit the number of non-personal transfers from your account to six per monthly statement cycle. Non-personal transfers include any combination of PC, telephone, automatic transfers, or pre-authorized transfers to another account of the depositor or to a third party.